Bulke Space

Bulke Space sets the pace in EV innovation, reaching speeds of upto 58 kmph. It’s the embodiment of Saera Keto’s sustainable transportation vision, it’s the three-wheeled electric vehicle racing towards an eco-friendly tomorrow, merging speed and sustainability on the road.

Trilux Next

Saera Keto’s Electrifying Triumph! This three-wheeler EV soars at 45 kmph, setting a new industry benchmark and revolutionizing green mobility. Step into the future, where every ride redefines the way we move and preserve our planet.

Key Features

Our electric three-wheelers offer a range of advantages:


Our vehicles are eco-friendly and reduce emissions for a greener planet.

Fast Charging

Get back on the road quickly with our fast charging options.


Enjoy low operating costs, thanks to efficient electric technology.

Safety First

Ergonomic seats and seat belts ensure the safety of both drivers and cargo.

Low Maintenance

With fewer moving parts, our vehicles require minimal maintenance.

LED Lighting

All LED lighting saves power and enhances visibility

Finance Partners

Our leasing plans



$ 24.750
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$ 32.000
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$ 39.700
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Saera Keto's Bulke Space is a game-changer for our delivery business. Fast charging makes our job easier.


Trilux Next is perfect for navigating crowded streets. It's elegant, efficient, and eco-friendly.


As a small business owner, Saera Keto's Bulke Space has been a cost-effective for my delivery needs.


I can't praise Saera Keto's Bulke Space enough. It's not just a vehicle; it's a strategic asset for my courier service.